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7 Types of Laziness And how to Overcome Them

1. Confusion: "I don't know what to do."

When this comes up it can feel overwhelming and you start to rationalise the sh*t out of it.

Self acclaimed perfectionists suffer from this a lot. You want a finished process or result but you stay there too scared to even start.

The trick is to get started and figure it out along the way. You learn from the mistakes as you grow.

2. Neurotic Fear: "I just can't."

Once you listen to this voice, you would rather do anything than the task in front of you. Instead of reading the book or taking the course that would get you forward, you stay stuck. Doing nothing.

But I bet there are times you have felt like. Especially when you start something new and you have excelled at things you never could do before. Think of those times and use that as fuel to get started.

3. Fixed Mindset: "I'm afraid I'll fail or look stupid."

A fixed mindset means you are afraid to make mistakes and grow. You are scared you would look.

A growth mindset is the cure to this - understanding that you can grow, change and be better at anything you work consistently at even with lots of mistakes would make you a better person.

Whenever you hear this voice tell yourself this "I'd make mistakes and - learn from them."

4. Lethargy: "I'm too tired. I don't have the energy."

This voice constantly lies to you. A cure for this is telling yourself "just one more". Feel tired after doing 20 pushups, tell yourself "just one more".

Doing just one more would prove to you (and to your mind) that you have all the energy and enthusiasm you need to do what needs to be done.

5. Apathy: "I just don't care about anything."

In truth, you care about something. Everyone cares about something and the only reason this voice resurfaces is because we feel we cannot do anything about how we feel.

Finding what you care about and working on it or using it as fuel to do what needs to be done.

E.g. You love to scroll through IG pictures, do something you have to do on your to do list for a required amount of time and use scrolling through IG as your reward.

6. Regret: "I'm too old to get started. It's too late."

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is now. This voice comes up after you miss an opportunity that presents itself again. Do not listen to it.

You can start now. You still have so much time. What would you rather do? Wish you started.

7. Identity:

"I'm just a lazy person."

There really is power in your words. Be careful how you use them.

And if you do not believe in the spiritual and you are more scientific - there is something called "confirmation bias" - once you think you are lazy, everything around you happens to confirm that fact.

Say you are tired and your mind starts finding reasons to confirm your bias.

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